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Oga mot Oga

Öga mot Öga - flamenco och kathak i duell, samspel och poesi

Here you can follow the process around the making of a unique performance with 12 international artists on stage!

The production is a collaboration between Stockholm Sangeet and FlamencoFredag, Länsmusiken i Stockholm, Västmanlandsmusiken, Instituto Cervantes, Spanska Ambassaden and Dans Compagniet. With support from Stockholms Stad, Kulturrådet and Statens Musikverk.


Process dokumentation Posted on 2018-12-17 14:36

blog followers,

amazing journeys first part came to a climax Friday night a few weeks
ago now at the beautiful Musikaliska, also known as the oldest
concert hall in Sweden!

morning a week ago we had the pleasure to meet some 150 children and
youth who embraced what we did with great enthusiasm. Selfies were
taken and ideas exchanged.

the afternoon we were met up by the photographer who took the picture
of the eye that adorns our pressmaterial! Amanda Lindgren has made an
exiting photographical journey that we asked her to present as an
accompaniment to the performance. This is a free translation of what
she writes about the exhibition:


have photographed people from Kiruna to Malmö.

who, just lite everyone else, have been born into this world innocent
and vulnerable.

with a heart that beats.

beats for one’s children, who one does everything to protect.

beats for the partner one loves.

beats for the possibility to do what one burns for.

beats for those beloved and close to us.

the end we are just people who want to be loved for who we are
regardless of class, disabilities, gender, age, religion, ethnicity
and sexual orientation.

we live here – Alla lever vi här.

this note, we’d like to invite you to look at all the pictures taken
from the premiere on Facebook at this link (open to all audiences):

creative process was very intense and oh so fruitful, it has been a
blast <3

Day 7 – premiere tomorrow!

Process dokumentation Posted on 2018-11-30 00:42

This will be a very short post due to this very intense process and the very early morning tomorrow.

The whole amazing ensemble has now landed in Stockholm and the sound check is done, we are all ready to meet a bunch of school children tomorrow morning and our premiere public in the night! You are most welcome to join us at Musikaliska <3

Day 6 – School show premiere and last details

Process dokumentation Posted on 2018-11-29 00:59

What a day.
Today was the day the penny dropped. After a school show and an afternoon of intense rehearsals there is now a clarity that we will carry with us to the premiere <3

Day 5 – Coming together!

Process dokumentation Posted on 2018-11-28 00:13

Amazingly we have reached the end of this day with all the run throughs of now a complete performance!
Since this has been the tie when the cold weather has entered Sweden, we begin every morning with some team-building-ice-scraping!
The day started with Magdi, the fantastic director and outer eye, Moa and Pia talking through the structure and the plan for the day. Then we got a small insight into what Teatermaskinen is through the amazing Anders who has been one of our pillars for this residency caring for the space where we spend our days rehearsing! Truly interesting history, space and theatre, and now even a Folkhögskola. Check it out here!

When we got back to work, we really took out everything we could out of the great visit of Magdi. She helped us with the direction of the dancers as well as the whole feeling of coming together in this quite ambitious project with so many soloists sharing stage.
Another addition to the project for these days is the FlamencoFredag presentator, here narrator, Roberto Gonzalez entering the project with some beautiful romani poems, interacting with the whole performance as well as the audience.

One of the interesting realizations for today was how we experience the different pieces played in the performance. The flamenco gang experiences that the whole concert is 70 % classical Indian music and 30 % flamenco when a representative of the classical Indian tradition commented the exact opposite, that flamenco was taking over the performance! Maybe this means that we truly have reached this collaboration in the level of coming together in something with spices from all the collaborating artists?
The classical Indian side sits on a low podium with their instruments, notes and other things. The Kathak dancers both speak and perform their rhythms together with the musicians and dance both narrative and complex rhythmical pieces.
Both the Kathak- and the flamenco dancers have reached a point in the process including quite a lot of hysterical laughter as well as sharp and effective work. There is a lot of magic going on and we are for most part really enjoying ourselves in this chaotic but beautiful project. Eye to eye with the reality of the premiere closing in…!
After one last run-through we ate dinner before heading back to the living quarters and having a meeting regarding the last details in costume as well as the plan for the coming days!
Tomorrow morning we will have a school concert for some children (and maybe some adults as well!) in the Teatermaskinen cube at 10:00 – I’m sure you can come by if you happen to be in the area! If you can’t, do make sure you have a ticket for the friday performance at Musikaliska, Nybrokajen 11 in Stockholm. It will be something totally out of the ordinary <3
Read more and book your ticket here:

Day 4 – Putting together the performance!

Process dokumentation Posted on 2018-11-26 23:51

Voi nyt as we say in Finland.
Today has been a long and productive day.

We started off working in smaller groups working on details within our more familiar backgrounds and, believe it or not, made a framework for the whole performance! This was worked on during the afternoon until we actually had the first ever run-through of the whole performance (well, almost!).

Today we also welcomed two more wonderful people into our Öga mot Öga family:
Our narrator Roberto Gonzalez and outer eye Magdi Beky Winnerstam who we will work with tomorrow and wednesday.
Magdi and Roberto who both arrived in the afternoon got started by getting acquainted to the surroundings and the participants in the project, but quite soon we started a run through of the whole Öga mot Öga! This was interesting and obviously there were a few blank spots still, but I think we can agree upon that the audience is truly up for a treat.
We are looking at different ways for the ensemble to meet, speaking of the meaning of dueling and interplay in a setting like this, of what is organic and who’s tradition is the protagonist in the different parts of the performance. What can be done and what is undoable when it comes to structure, dynamics and energy, and of course, how we in the most pleasant way can guide the audience through this intense, poetic and touching concert performance.
In the end of the day, quite in schock of having done the first ever run-through, we took some time to relax and drink Glögg together! There is a whole lot of material to look into before Friday but we are convinced of the super hit factor <3 What a gang!

Day 3 – Open rehearsal

Process dokumentation Posted on 2018-11-26 00:22

Oh what a day!
Today we started the whole day by really shocking ourselves. The bits and pieces created yesterday were puzzled together in the morning to form what was to become the common final music and choreography for the first part of the performance.
Before lunch we had the whole final part in a form that we were to present to the interested arriving here at 16:00! It was interesting to see how we came to adjust the intensity level of the pieces to fit the whole, forming these compositions into what was to become a quite organic whole. Everything from seeing the uncommon wood-grouse (tjäder in Swedish) on the way to the theatre to rhythms learned and decided upon this same morning became part of the composition.
The lunch was a relaxing moment before we began to work with the solo Kathak and Flamenco repertory! Some of us also took time to enjoy the amazingly beautiful nature and do some small cookie shopping in the village of Riddarhyttan.
This afternoon came to a close with a whole lot of people visiting us, actually walking straight into an open repetition! We wanted to truly show that we are in the middle of a material, still commenting and reminding ourselves of what was to come.
After a short introduction to the project, we presented the same repertory from the beginning before letting the audience get some fika, a swedish coffee break! After the coffee break the audience as well as the ensemble got to see their companions in action in their own solo part, before us finishing the showing with our common final.
We got some truly interesting feedback from the audience, spreading from ideas about the soundscape to energy to gender roles!

It is a true luxury to force oneself to present material for an outer eye this early in the process, and we would almost say it is a necessity in a project that is to be put together in such a short time. A lot has of course been prepared before, but very much is also created here and now. We are so thankful to all who have made this journey possible!

When some parts of the ensemble simply fell into their beds, some continued to plan, try some new ideas and talk through the performance late into the night.
Tomorrow the cars are to start at 8:00 so now it is time to go to bed <3

Day 2 – getting to work!

Process dokumentation Posted on 2018-11-24 23:27

Today we all met for the first time as an ensemble, although almost all of us have met on stage before this in one constellation or another!

It is amazing to hear and see how this group of 12 artists can come together.
We started with a short practice with Anna Murtola to tune into each other, to continue with a round of presentation and talking through what we have in front of us during the coming week. Quite soon the instruments started to sound and we got started!
To our help we have the kindest Benny who helped us with the soundscape:
The four dancers also got together and learned some common material to incorporate into the performance. The flamenco dancers learned two Toras, a kind of building blocks in the Kathak tradition, as well as one Tihai or a rhythmic conclusion, comparable to the flamencos cierre or closing of a phrase. The Kathak dancers also learned a rhythmic composition from the flamenco dancers and we now have some really nice building blocks to work on and refine for the performance! It is so interesting to see and experience the similarities and differences between these beautiful artforms.

Apart from the theatrebox, we eat and to some extent rehearse in the old school building that is Skäppbo Skola, run by Kulturreservatet/Teatermaskinen as a Folkhögskola:
In the evening we find different ways to relax, like here in our new place to stay:
Tomorrow we will give an open rehearsal starting at 16:00!
You are more than welcome to join us. Just type in Skräppbo Skola in Riddarhyttan into your GPS! Hope to see you tomorrow <3

Day 1 and more arrivals!

Process dokumentation Posted on 2018-11-24 01:43

Looong, cold, beautiful and interesting day today with music, workshopping and more artists arriving!

We had a small Swedish Glögg welcome when 9 of our artists finally had landed:

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