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Oga mot Oga

Öga mot Öga - flamenco och kathak i duell, samspel och poesi

Here you can follow the process around the making of a unique performance with 12 international artists on stage!

The production is a collaboration between Stockholm Sangeet and FlamencoFredag, Länsmusiken i Stockholm, Västmanlandsmusiken, Instituto Cervantes, Spanska Ambassaden and Dans Compagniet. With support from Stockholms Stad, Kulturrådet and Statens Musikverk.

Day 2 – getting to work!

Process dokumentation Posted on 2018-11-24 23:27

Today we all met for the first time as an ensemble, although almost all of us have met on stage before this in one constellation or another!

It is amazing to hear and see how this group of 12 artists can come together.
We started with a short practice with Anna Murtola to tune into each other, to continue with a round of presentation and talking through what we have in front of us during the coming week. Quite soon the instruments started to sound and we got started!
To our help we have the kindest Benny who helped us with the soundscape:
The four dancers also got together and learned some common material to incorporate into the performance. The flamenco dancers learned two Toras, a kind of building blocks in the Kathak tradition, as well as one Tihai or a rhythmic conclusion, comparable to the flamencos cierre or closing of a phrase. The Kathak dancers also learned a rhythmic composition from the flamenco dancers and we now have some really nice building blocks to work on and refine for the performance! It is so interesting to see and experience the similarities and differences between these beautiful artforms.

Apart from the theatrebox, we eat and to some extent rehearse in the old school building that is Skäppbo Skola, run by Kulturreservatet/Teatermaskinen as a Folkhögskola:
In the evening we find different ways to relax, like here in our new place to stay:
Tomorrow we will give an open rehearsal starting at 16:00!
You are more than welcome to join us. Just type in Skräppbo Skola in Riddarhyttan into your GPS! Hope to see you tomorrow <3

Day 1 and more arrivals!

Process dokumentation Posted on 2018-11-24 01:43

Looong, cold, beautiful and interesting day today with music, workshopping and more artists arriving!

We had a small Swedish Glögg welcome when 9 of our artists finally had landed: