Oh what a day!
Today we started the whole day by really shocking ourselves. The bits and pieces created yesterday were puzzled together in the morning to form what was to become the common final music and choreography for the first part of the performance.
Before lunch we had the whole final part in a form that we were to present to the interested arriving here at 16:00! It was interesting to see how we came to adjust the intensity level of the pieces to fit the whole, forming these compositions into what was to become a quite organic whole. Everything from seeing the uncommon wood-grouse (tjäder in Swedish) on the way to the theatre to rhythms learned and decided upon this same morning became part of the composition.
The lunch was a relaxing moment before we began to work with the solo Kathak and Flamenco repertory! Some of us also took time to enjoy the amazingly beautiful nature and do some small cookie shopping in the village of Riddarhyttan.
This afternoon came to a close with a whole lot of people visiting us, actually walking straight into an open repetition! We wanted to truly show that we are in the middle of a material, still commenting and reminding ourselves of what was to come.
After a short introduction to the project, we presented the same repertory from the beginning before letting the audience get some fika, a swedish coffee break! After the coffee break the audience as well as the ensemble got to see their companions in action in their own solo part, before us finishing the showing with our common final.
We got some truly interesting feedback from the audience, spreading from ideas about the soundscape to energy to gender roles!

It is a true luxury to force oneself to present material for an outer eye this early in the process, and we would almost say it is a necessity in a project that is to be put together in such a short time. A lot has of course been prepared before, but very much is also created here and now. We are so thankful to all who have made this journey possible!

When some parts of the ensemble simply fell into their beds, some continued to plan, try some new ideas and talk through the performance late into the night.
Tomorrow the cars are to start at 8:00 so now it is time to go to bed <3