Voi nyt as we say in Finland.
Today has been a long and productive day.

We started off working in smaller groups working on details within our more familiar backgrounds and, believe it or not, made a framework for the whole performance! This was worked on during the afternoon until we actually had the first ever run-through of the whole performance (well, almost!).

Today we also welcomed two more wonderful people into our Öga mot Öga family:
Our narrator Roberto Gonzalez and outer eye Magdi Beky Winnerstam who we will work with tomorrow and wednesday.
Magdi and Roberto who both arrived in the afternoon got started by getting acquainted to the surroundings and the participants in the project, but quite soon we started a run through of the whole Öga mot Öga! This was interesting and obviously there were a few blank spots still, but I think we can agree upon that the audience is truly up for a treat.
We are looking at different ways for the ensemble to meet, speaking of the meaning of dueling and interplay in a setting like this, of what is organic and who’s tradition is the protagonist in the different parts of the performance. What can be done and what is undoable when it comes to structure, dynamics and energy, and of course, how we in the most pleasant way can guide the audience through this intense, poetic and touching concert performance.
In the end of the day, quite in schock of having done the first ever run-through, we took some time to relax and drink Glögg together! There is a whole lot of material to look into before Friday but we are convinced of the super hit factor <3 What a gang!