Amazingly we have reached the end of this day with all the run throughs of now a complete performance!
Since this has been the tie when the cold weather has entered Sweden, we begin every morning with some team-building-ice-scraping!
The day started with Magdi, the fantastic director and outer eye, Moa and Pia talking through the structure and the plan for the day. Then we got a small insight into what Teatermaskinen is through the amazing Anders who has been one of our pillars for this residency caring for the space where we spend our days rehearsing! Truly interesting history, space and theatre, and now even a Folkhögskola. Check it out here!

When we got back to work, we really took out everything we could out of the great visit of Magdi. She helped us with the direction of the dancers as well as the whole feeling of coming together in this quite ambitious project with so many soloists sharing stage.
Another addition to the project for these days is the FlamencoFredag presentator, here narrator, Roberto Gonzalez entering the project with some beautiful romani poems, interacting with the whole performance as well as the audience.

One of the interesting realizations for today was how we experience the different pieces played in the performance. The flamenco gang experiences that the whole concert is 70 % classical Indian music and 30 % flamenco when a representative of the classical Indian tradition commented the exact opposite, that flamenco was taking over the performance! Maybe this means that we truly have reached this collaboration in the level of coming together in something with spices from all the collaborating artists?
The classical Indian side sits on a low podium with their instruments, notes and other things. The Kathak dancers both speak and perform their rhythms together with the musicians and dance both narrative and complex rhythmical pieces.
Both the Kathak- and the flamenco dancers have reached a point in the process including quite a lot of hysterical laughter as well as sharp and effective work. There is a lot of magic going on and we are for most part really enjoying ourselves in this chaotic but beautiful project. Eye to eye with the reality of the premiere closing in…!
After one last run-through we ate dinner before heading back to the living quarters and having a meeting regarding the last details in costume as well as the plan for the coming days!
Tomorrow morning we will have a school concert for some children (and maybe some adults as well!) in the Teatermaskinen cube at 10:00 – I’m sure you can come by if you happen to be in the area! If you can’t, do make sure you have a ticket for the friday performance at Musikaliska, Nybrokajen 11 in Stockholm. It will be something totally out of the ordinary <3
Read more and book your ticket here: