After more than a year of planning this journey is coming into it’s final fase!
Today the artist are starting to arrive and the first three left Helsinki/Stockholm base to the residency that is held in the exotic Riddarhyttan and Teatermaskinen.

Per, Anna and Pia on their way!
After some changes in the plans only the three of us left for the forest. The traveling of course included getting us updated with our flamenco facts, hearing about Anna’s new album “Fuego por dentro” and, for the chauffeur, a sugar craze 🙂

This is what waited when we arrived to our working space:
We have the whole Cube for ourselves as well as the kind technician Benny who has prepped everything! This is the theatre room where we will have an open showing this coming Sunday at 16:00, you’re more than welcome <3

Quite tired after a day of planning and travel, we finally arrived to our living space in Skinnskatteberg! The moon lit our road and this beautiful church is part of our scenery where we’ll be living for the coming week. Tomorrow more!
Thank you and good night!